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Smoking and the planet

Smoking is harmful to your health and the environment, but how general it is a known fact that affects the planet. Fill your lungs with smoking more harmful toxins that are dangerous to our health. Certain types of cancers and many respiratory problems linked to it, so that smoke contaminates the air you breathe every day. There are many problems that are caused by smoking.

How smoking affects the planet and its inhabitants:

  • Smoking a cigarette breath all myself into the air, which always contains more than four thousand chemicals that were released did you know that?
  • What garbage dump or buy, cigarette butts is? In the planet today, the difference is non-recycled garbage constitutes approximately 1.7 billion pounds. At the end of most lakes and rivers that provide drinking water for the community.
  • Cigarette butts toxic to fish which is the source of Water Studies, has shown that is causing them to die.
  • Tobacco production adds to the bad air quality to a large extent on the world every day faces more pesticides per acre than any other product grown must be used.
  • It can take a cigarette butt to decompose for about twenty five years did you know? Slowly all the chemicals in a cigarette during this time and the plants surrounding soil pollutants.
  • Cut down trees as fuel for drying tobacco and cigarette packaging that will be used for this purposes is used to prepare. It is estimated that 600 million trees are destroyed each year for this purpose.
  • For a moment, and consider the amount of water used for energy is a manufacturer of non.
  • Non-their homes and their property throughout the year has been linked to many wild fires that don’t have even. When people throw cigarette butts out the window or on vehicles grown during the dry season, this can start up a fire very quickly.

A smoke-free environment in person, there are many advantages that you will notice on reaching the ones. To a large extent improves the quality of the air inside and outside the home, but also will help to improve the planet in many other ways.

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