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Run naked and Screaming at Harvard

I’ve seen my daughter work at Harvard University where currently registered, whether nude, Jasmine, one day he asked me on the phone.

“What is what run naked?” I asked.

“Mom, when it’s never this long, I can’t believe you didn’t hear this at Harvard.”

The night before the start of the finals in the student dormitory run naked run around the lawn in front of them where explained to me. If you had joined this Harvard tradition I asked in amazement. Many of the students running around in the nude was a curious observer said.

What happened at this Harvard tradition I asked him and his friends a way to help forget the fear and the stress of finals these students, he said. Running naked and scream the top of their lungs feel better and overcome anxiety and nervousness need to help. Him, “Hey, let me know in advance when you’re back.”

“Why? I don’t want to run naked!”

“Why shouldn’t I? Sounds like a whole load of fun.”


“Hey, hey, calm down. I was just kidding, you know? But not sure I want to watch it live!”

I was a Harvard student for sixteen years but never in a lifetime, my daughter, until this “event” I’ve ever heard. This visionary event takes place every last period before, apparently, but there aren’t any witnesses to myself.

Harvard heads to class since he doesn’t remember at all and the top is filled with students who are on a huge exaggeration to say that it is. The glorious seat among the brightest students only reserved for students only this is an upper for the intensity of competition are incredibly high, and severe. Sinav becomes high when the amount of stress these students feel, and some leads beyond disappointment and despair, into madness and even suicide. At an unbearable level of competition and psychological stress, these students with anxiety quite wise about to shout at the top of their lungs and running naked is being.

When I heard about these students, I cannot help but, like, I’m sorry for them if I had children of my own and I felt proud.

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