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Non – A Blessing Or Curse?

That tobacco smokers are liable to die young” health “or” this common statement, which is dangerous for the Ministry of Health warned I’ve heard many times, and I read “the Ministry of Health warned. For example, in Nigeria, despite all these warnings, Cigarette manufacture, sale and smoking has been on the rise. We continue to witness the death of many young people in our small community wondered why.

Speed kills on Day 3 Post Tribune, Thursday, passive smoking, 2005, a Nigerian Newspaper – March. Paper, much higher than previously thought in England more than 11 thousand people this year, only shown as passive smoking, according to the study. How many people would die to smoke to passive smoking as a habit just because of statistics alone indicates this much I’m wondering if.The study in the British Medical Journal second hand smoke in the workplace for the first time in 600 years-gives a figure for dead people.

Leading doctors said the findings proved a complete ban on smoking in public places is one thing. Unarguably scientific evidence, our policies now is essential to protect public health from exposure to the smoke of others.

Active smoking and exposure to passive smoking deaths, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia, employment, household structure and levels of the reasons for the UK report prepared from the database. Surprising results of their observation. Of death between the ages of 20 and 64 2700 second-hand smoke and 8000 as over the age of 65 occur.

Tobacco – production of raw materials used in the production of cigarettes continued to grow and now our business fetching many stakeholders millions of dollars at the expense of the death of their loved ones. Cigarette companies all over the world, yet we continue advertising kills.

Question: we all know has been a blessing and a curse instead of a cigarette, why would you agree that we’re fooling ourselves with unnecessary ads?

The government urgently and smoking Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin must be stable, such as the production of all other related substances. We need to stop deluding ourselves, we know that solution will fail.

He doesn’t want us to smoke weed in the first place that many people have questioned why God has created.The answer to this question, from God, e in the production of tobacco is used in making products that want to benefit I want to state that. g Medical against diseases created because God is not to create more hardship for the benefit of all people. Although it is not the first plan of the Bible God himself in the very fragmented wine intossicati days is used.

If the search lead the campaign against Africans and the youth and children’s delicates has provided a competitive advantage to other continents in finding a solution to the problem becomes as we need to stop this malady. Africa is a beautiful and well preserved moral values of a proud owner if it is lost or no of your own of other continents known to the norms of civilization, culture, or children’s education and upbringing, we should not allow to destroy. A particular industry or product or we have to jeopardize the future of our children because we want to make a fortune.

The magazine then quoted above thus, BMA chairman James Johnson said, as a doctor, first-hand, second-hand smoke kills we see how “they concluded. John Reid (Minister of the interior, public health can continue to serve half measures I don’t know. What we need now is a total ban and we need it.”

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