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How to reference using the Harvard reference resources for

Incorrect reference assignment in the UK is dying it’s no secret that a rather alarming number of students. All presentations at the undergraduate level with a 10% stealing someone else’s work to copy or commit the act of plagiarism in some kind o (Jones, 2006) and an article in the Sunday Times claims. It’s a significant amount for these con artists, but here’s the thing – 10% the majority of you didn’t mean to do this. How to properly reference the resources and harsh failure is a result, although this is considered plagiarism.

Research resources in the UK, but the main method there are several ways you can reference, and universities use one 95%, of the Harvard system. The author has a way of giving importance to this information. and history was made available to the public. But unfortunately it’s not that simple – more information is required about the source, that appear and the order is important. An idea, the most popular examples of the types reference see below:


Formula: Author’s Last Name, First. (Year) Book NameCity publishing, P published. pages.

Example: Rowling, JK. (2006) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stoneLondon: Bloomsbury Publishing, p. 24-25.

Web site

(Year) The Formula Is: Site Page Title(Accessible) URL: date: available (online).

Example: BBC News (2009) Apple iPhone beats Blackberry smart phone sales, such as solarlanguage (online): (Access: 12 October 2010).


Formula: Author’s Last Name, First. (Year) Article Title, The Newspaper HeadlineDay and month published, p. pages.

Example: Smith, J. (2008) Inflation rises, such as market crashesThe Guardian, 7 June p. 45.

Moreover, it should be arranged alphabetically by author, and so requires italic style in places. That’s not true. However, a requirement – a bad copy of a missing reference in seconds to capture and Oxford Brookes University as open to smell or (Jones, 2006) that investigated 14 cases of plagiarism and academic misconduct the officer why no reference to automatic software has its own team of. If caught, students could face failure or expulsion.

What is the answer? Fortunately, you can prepare your reference list for you the right style and format all formulas for boring a remarkable memory and there are websites non – for- all the necessary information to ensure their details on there are easily identified source. On the internet several feature rich tools, Scotchfil and Neil CiteThisForMe Tool included. If you enter a correctly formatted Harvard reference style, follow all the relevant data and creates the reference.

As a result, do not underestimate referring to me – insignificant mass assignment without an end value can be anything as part of your business, and see it first hand don’t expect to find.but looks

In 2006, JONES, S., The hunt for the copycats (2006), the Sunday Times, June

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