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5 New Web Design Trends This Can Help Your Business

Mobile (1)-First

As we passed in front of desktop usage mobile usage, developers and designers, business, mobile-first perspective on a lot of sites began. In many cases, the majority of mobile revenues are driving, make sure the mobile version of a site (UX) user experience is very important since the facility is making. Google, Bing and search engines such as Yahoo! The quality of the sites that rank fast in the search and the mobile site. Gestures a website that encourages users to interact with mobile sites will increase the amount of time you spend exploring.

(2) Deeper/Organic Shapes

Rounded corners form of rounded corners on design elements such as your avatar and profile applications login lately the use has become more popular. As background for websites, only 90° angles to gain attention by using an interesting perspective, and there is no more transition. It became a way of also a wider range of more vibrant colors. Sure your web site’s design in line with current trends, encourage trust and increased sales for your business.

(3) more interactivity and animations

Like what has been mentioned previously about the mobile, more animations and interactions to use the desktop versions of the web site has been the increasing popularity of. Due to advancing technologies such as jQuery Web web sites, it may be more of a medium for the printed word. Information, subtle sliding animation and user interaction in the 1990s one of the web site without the ability of moving the ugliness of the site is similarly designed. This page transitions and interaction techniques such as increasing income generating activities helps in driving traffic to the website (RPV) can increase the revenue per visitor.

(5) HTML


(5) Video Background

Video backgrounds engagement, time on page, and conversions as it has been shown to increase the rear there is an increase in popularity of the video. Many platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook are at the forefront of video content and because it have a positive impact on the above mentioned criteria. Video backgrounds you can quickly communicate what the business is about. Video background with the brand and may help greatly increase the number of return visitors to your site. Generally, video and video backgrounds in particular, increased average order value for your site visitors stay on your site and then increase.

This 5 web design trends this should be considered for your business web site can help.

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